novo portal e visa

This week e-VISA, which is the new platform of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aimed at simplifying the procedures related to visa applications, was launched.

With the introduction of e-VISA, visa applications and sending of necessary documents to process the application can now be done electronically.

Apart from these new features, the applicants receive a personal access code that allows online tracking of the process, which is split up in four stages: “registered application”, “application under examination”, “application granted or refused” and “visa issued”.

This new platform will continue to be developed with a view to include, in the future, the possibility of paying the administrative fee for the application proceeding.

The e-VISA platform is one of the new features of our New Consular Management Model, continuing the efforts of digitalisation of the entire document proceeding of visa applications.

This measure contributes to the implementation of the National Implementation Plan of the Global Compact for Migration (Resolution of the Council of Ministers No 141/2019, approved on 20 August).

The e-VISA is available in the Communities Portal and in the Visas Portal, and can be viewed in five languages: Portuguese, English, French, Ukrainian and Russian.


Source: Portal Diplomático (in portuguese) 

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